为旅行顾问设计的 Bravos 专属计划,帮助旅行顾问服务热衷奢华且有不同需求的客户,方便他们提供最佳的便利设施和服务。

a light fixture from a rope
a person in a pool with a waterfall in the background
a person on a boat
two men looking at a herd of zebras
a woman in a white dress jumping into a pool of water
a pool in a grassy area with trees in the background
a woman wearing sunglasses and a towel on her head
a indoor pool with a wooden ceiling and a wood ceiling

“作为我们最优质产品的展示, 客户和代理商均可安心,Bravos 将提供精致款待和卓越严谨的管理,确保心灵与思想完美融合。”

Andre P. Gerondeau

Chief Operating Officer

Bravos 世界

我们的独家计划,您将获得全新维度的旅行体验。敬请加入 Bravos Meliá PRO 精选俱乐部,为您和客户获得特别优惠。欢迎您预约咨询,您终将体验无与伦比的奢华。因为加入 Bravos 世界,镜花水月便可化为现实。

a woman sitting on a pool edge