Earn & Grow: The program you were looking for!

Book through a Tour Operator, and get a REWARD! Enjoy incredible perks with Earn & Grow

As a Travel Agent based in America, you now have the chance to earn MeliáRewards points through our exclusive Earn & Grow program. It's as simple as making a booking for your customers through a Tour Operator in one of our hotels in the Caribbean and the USA.

You will get up to 2,500 MeliáRewards points (equivalent to 12 USD) for each night your guests stay at our hotels.

Become a MeliáRewards member and discover a whole world full of perks.  You can buy online in more than 40 stores, convert your points into flights, gift them or use them in 350+ Meliá Hotels International hotels. Follow these 3 easy steps!

1. Become a MeliáRewards member: If you are not already, join here. Bookings must be made through this form, from the same day your customers depart, and up to a maximum of 6 months after that date. Points will automatically be credited to your account upon recognition of your Meliá Rewards card number. Get double points if you are a Meliá PRO member.

2. Accumulate points: for bookings you make for your customers through Tour Operators in hotels located in the Caribbean and the USA.

3. Enjoy your points: There are endless options! From buying your  favorite brands at Shopping MeliáRewards to gifting or transferring your points to friends and family on gift cards. You can also use your points with other partners and their loyalty programs by buying flights, renting cars, or simply enjoying 340+ hotels, restaurants or services. Take advantage of the Earn & Grow program. The program that every Agent in America uses.



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